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Which languages do you translate?
We cover a large number of the world's major languages; from the main European languages through to the less commonly spoken languages of smaller countries throughout the world. If you are not sure whether we can assist in your language combination, please contact us.

How long does the translation process take?
This depends on the length of the document, the content and complexity of the text, and the formatting requirements. On average, we are able to translate around 2000-4000 words per working day, including in-house proofing time.

How much will it cost?
Translations are charged per 1000 words. The actual cost is dependent on the language combinations involved, the nature of the text and the overall scope of the project. A translation into French for example is likely to cost less than a translation into a lesser-known language such as Tamil. Special formatting requirements and tight deadlines will increase the cost. We are able to provide fixed price quotations on sight of the final text for translation.

Are your translators qualified?
All our translators are native speakers of the target language. They are highly qualified and experienced professionals, usually holding postgraduate qualifications in translation and having at least 3 years experience in their chosen specialist field. We often work with affiliates of professional linguistic organisations. Our translators, more often than not, reside in their native country to ensure that they keep abreast of the ever-evolving language. We believe this is an integral part of the development process of a translation. Hence, our translators are able to make their translation linguistically and culturally appropriate to the target region/country.

As a translation buyer, how can I assist the translation process?
Be clear what your requirements are at the outset. Allow for reasonable deadlines. You must take into account that translators take pride in their work, as much pride as is taken in the original drafting of your text. If you have spent 2 months preparing your manual, you should not expect a translator to turn it around in a week. Translation is not simply "typing in another language"; it is a skilled craft and often requires painstaking research. Give your translator enough time to provide you with the high-quality product you deserve.
The time needed to complete the process can be shortened if you are able to provide glossaries of terms, previously translated materials or any background information relating to your company/products.

What quality control procedures do you have in place?
Each translation is assigned a project manager and a translator. This project manager is your point of contact for the duration of your project. All translations are checked and double-checked by the translator. An additional, second linguist - usually the project manager - then proof-reads the translation. Any queries are discussed with the original translator and any amendments are made. The final copy is then sent to you for your approval.

Can you provide me with a translated document that will look the same as the original?
We supply translated documents in a variety of formats, according to your requirements. If there are special typesetting requirements, this is carried out at additional cost. Costs are kept to a minimum if you are able to provide an electronic file in the required format.

Do you use machine translation?
The simple answer is no. We believe that machine translation has a long way to go before competing with the skills, adaptability and creativity of the human mind. Some machine translation software is adequate at being able to provide a 'gist' translation of internal copy. We strongly advise against machine translation being used if you are looking to translate materials for publication.