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What we do

Language differences are often seen as a barrier to international trading.

Agius Language & Translation has proven experience in producing translations of the highest quality.

Our translation team will work with you to establish greater links with the global marketplace by helping to bridge the international communications gap and presenting your company in the language of your target market.

We work with an array of highly qualified, experienced translators and copywriters, who have an intimate working knowledge of their chosen specialist field(s).

Working into their native tongue only, they are able to produce accurate translations, both in terms of meaning and style; conveying the overall flavour of your text.

As a professional translation company, we can offer advice on:
  • how you plan your internationalisation strategy;
  • how to manage your translation and localisation projects;
  • how to linguistically and culturally adapt your documentation for foreign markets;
  • how to avoid potential pitfalls.